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    E-100 Flakpanzer w/Flakrakete Rheintocher I 09586

    The proportional model:1:35
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    Product introduction:

        Super heavy tank designed as an alternative to the Maus, it used a modified Maus turret with the 150mm KwK 44 with plans to upgrade it to the 170mm KwK 44 later. Development of the E-100 started in June 1943 & continued steadily until 1944 when Hitler stopped all development of super heavy tanks. But even though, three engineers carried on the work at a low priority & by the end of the war they managed to nearly finish the first prototype which only needed a turret. The only prototype was sent to England after the allies captured it & scrapped post-war.

    Weight: 140t    Crew: 5    Engine: Maybach HL234,     Speed: 40km/h

    Range: 120km    Lenght: 10.27 m    Width: 4.48 m    Height: 3.29 m

    Armament: 128mm KwK 44,7.92mm MG34

    Item No     09586
    Item Name     E-100 Flakpanzer w/Flakrakete Rheintocher I
    Bar Code     9580208095868
    Scale     1:35
    Item Type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 253.6mm   Width: 128mm 
    Total Parts     470+
    Metal Parts     n/a
    Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     16 sprues , upper hull , lower hull and rubber tracks
    Released Date     2023-03
    More Features     The kit consists of over 470 parts
    >the kit w/refined detail
    >multi-slide moulded lower hull and upper hull
    >rubber tracks
    >photo etched parts included