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    AntonovAn-12BK Cub 04001

    The proportional model:1:100
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    Product introduction:
         《Antonov An-12BK Cub》Often the An-12 is compared with eht Lockheed C-130 since both are large and durable transport planes. However, the A-123 civilian-military transport was never mass produced in as many variants as the C-130. The maiden flight of the An-12 prototype was made in 1958. By 1973 when the former Soviet Union stopped production of this plane, a total of 900 aircraft had been made. The An-12 Cub served in a number of air forces such as in Argentina, China , Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Poland, Yugslovia, etc. The civilian version has been used by many national airlines, such as those of the former Soviet Union, Guinea, China, Poland and many Balkan countries. Even into the mid-90’s there were a number of An-12 Cubs serving in the Russian Air Force although most of these planes were replaced by the more modern IL-76 by then. The An-12 also participated in the former Soviet-Afghanistan military operation in the 1980’s. It’s primary function in this conflict was to transport fully armed paratroopers.
    Item No    04001
    Item Name    AntonovAn-12BK Cub 
    Bar Code    n/a
    Scale    1:100
    Item Type    Static Kit
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    Total Sprues    n/a
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