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    Jagdpanther (Mid Type) 07241

    The proportional model:1:7
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    Product introduction:
         The German Jagdpanther is regarded by the ordnance experts as one of the best tracked weapons systems during the World War 2. The awesome Pak 43/3, L71 88mm gun was mounted on the proven Panther medium tank chassis. The gun was installed into the box shaoed superstructure which used thick steel armor of 80mm at the front and 50mm at the sides.these frontal and side armor plates were effectively inclined to obtain an improved protection. A ball mounted MG42 bow machine gun was installed at the right side of the main gun. Weighing in at 46 tons and propelled by the powerful Maybach V.12 cylinder engine, this tank destroyer had a well-banlanced fire power, protection and mobility to high standards.
    Item No    07241
    Item Name    Jagdpanther (Mid Type)
    Bar Code    6922803672410
    Scale    1:72
    Item Type    Static Armor
    Model Brief    Length: 132.7mm Width:46.5mm Height:38mm
    Total Parts    81pcs
    Total Sprues    3pcs plus upper hull、 lower hull 、tracks
    Paint Schemes    n/a
    Released Date    n/a
    More Features    n/a