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    Su-30MKK Flanker-G 02271

    The proportional model:1:32
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    Product introduction:
           First Su-27PU (T10PU-5) was refurbished and rebuilt to serve as an Su-30MKK development aircraft, first flying in its new guise on 9 March 1999. First KnAAPO-built prototype (`501') flew 19 May 1999 (sometimes reported as 20 February 1999), with second (`502', in basic Chinese camouflage scheme but marked simply as Su-30MK, not MKK) following later in 1999. `501' and `502' representative of planned production configuration, with tall, flat-topped Su-35-type tailfins, retractable in-flight refuelling probes and (according to some sources) Su-35-type radomes. Total of 40 on order for the PLA Air Force, the first batch of 10 being delivered from Komsomolsk to Nanjing on 20 December 2000 although a first aircraft had been handed over in China during August 2000. Chinese production of the `Flanker' mabe will switch from the J-11 to the Su-30MKK after 80 aircraft. 
    Item No    02271
    Item Name    Su-30MKK Flanker-G
    Bar Code    9580208022710
    Scale    1:32
    Item Type    Static Aircraft
    Model Brief    Length: 697.8mm   Wingspan: 461.3mm   Height: 200mm
    Total Parts    463pcs
    Metal Parts    6 Zin-alloy metal landing struts, 1 metal Pitot
    Photo Etched Parts    2 frets of etched parts
    Film Parts    1pcs
    Resin Parts    n/a
    Total Sprues    17 sprues, upper fuselage, lower fuselage, nose radome, windscreen,  canopy, 3 rubber tyres, speed brake, 2 sets of nozzle
    Paint Schemes     PLA Air Force, 18th and 19th Air Davision.
    Released Date    2009-06
    More Features "    Summary
    This kit is basically the same as the kit-TR2224 Su-27 single seat with 5 new tooled moulds, include upper fuselage sprue, clear canopy sprue"