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    Tu-160 BlackJack Bomer 03906

    The proportional model:1:144
    Browse the number:4250

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    Product introduction:
           The Tu-160 is a multi-mission strategic bomber designed for operations ranging from subsonic speeds and low altitudes to speeds over Mach 1 at high altitudes. The two weapons bays can accommodate different mission-specific loads, including strategic cruise missiles, short-range guided missiles, nuclear and conventional bombs. Its basic armament of short-range guided missiles and strategic cruise missiles enables it to deliver nuclear strikes to targets with preassigned coordinates. 
    Item No    03906
    Item Name    Tu-160 BlackJack Bomer
    Bar Code    9580208039060
    Scale    1:144
    Item Type    Static Kit
    Model Brief    Length: 375.76 mm      Wingspan: 386.8mm
    Total Parts    119pcs
    Total Sprues    4pcs sprues, lower fuselage and upper fuselage
    Paint Schemes "    Russian Air Force, Former, Soviet Air force and Ukrainian Air Force

    Released Date    2007-11
    More Features "    The kit consists of 110 parts in grey plastic, 7 clear plastic
    parts for canopy,  Optional wingspan spread or swept"