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    JMSDF Landing Craft Air Cushion 00106

    The proportional model:1/144
    Browse the number:5800

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    Product introduction:
         00106 LCAC JMSDF The JMSDF LCAC (Landing Craft, Air Cushioned) was introduced from the US as a landing craft of LST Osumi class ships. It cruises with its hull floated about four feet above the surface. Therefore it is capable of landing directly from the mother ship to the beach, and swift loading and unloading of vehicles. This makes it possible for troops to access 70% of the world's coastline, while only 17% for conventional landing crafts. It can carry heavy payloads of 60 tons, equal to one Type 90 tank, or four armored vehicles. The four 4000hp engines, two for floating and the others for propelling, are mounted separately in both modules of the hull. Although JMSDF LCACs were originally planned as LST-based crafts, in 2004 they were assigned in the 1st air cushioned craft squadron. They were numbered from LCAC-2191 to LCAC-2196, and started to be treated as defense ships.
    Item No    00106
    Item Name    JMSDF Landing Craft Air Cushion
    Bar Code    9580208001067
    Scale    1/144
    Item Type    Static Kit
    Model Brief    Length:186 mm   Beam:101.5 mm   Height: mm
    Total Parts    238pcs
    Photo Etched Parts    1sheet for nets and sweepers
    Total Sprues    6pcs
    Paint Schemes    Japnese Maritime Self Defense Force
    Released Date    2007-10
    More Features "    The kit consists of 220 parts in grey plastic with a further 1 aircushion
    in whole, 9 clear plastic parts for windows, 1 sheet PE parts for nets&