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    HMS Abercrombie Monitor 05336

    The proportional model:1:350
    Browse the number:13094

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    Product introduction:

          ABERCROMBIE was an upgraded version of elder sister ship ROBERTS. The original main gun turret was spare from FURIOUS, fitted with two 15 inch guns type Mark I*/N. Other improvements included larger living space, more artillery reserve and increased engine room deck thickness. ABERCROMBIE was also equipped with four twin 102mm 45 calibre Mk V dual rapid-fire guns, sixteen British 40mm 2-pounder "pom-pom" cannon and twenty US 20mm Oerlikon guns.

          In 1943 ABERCROMBIE was awarded Battle Honours for campaigns in the Mediterranean at SicilyandSalerno. Post war ABERCROMBIE was moored on the River Medway for many years as an accommodation ship and was sold for scrap in 1954.

    Item No     05336
    Item Name     HMS Abercrombie Monitor
    Bar Code     9580208053363
    Scale     1:350
    Item Type     Static kit
    Model Brief     Length:325mm   Beam:77.5 mm  
    Total Parts     480+
    Metal Parts     anchor chain
    Photo Etched Parts     3 pcs
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     10 sprues , deck and stand
    Released Date     2015-02
    More Features     -hull split into two parts
    -Contains display stand and engraved name plate
    - Photo-Etched parts included