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    TU-95MS“Bear-H” 03904

    The proportional model:1:144
    Browse the number:4298

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    Product introduction:
      After carrying out successful tests, the first of which was launched in September 1979 after which series production started in 1981.With the reopening of the BEAR production line,the Soviets began producing a new, upgraded variant of the BEAR turboprop bomber, thereby increasing their long-range bomber force. This entirely new variant of the BEAR bomber-the BEAR H-became the launch platform for the long-range Kn-55[AS-15]air-launched missile. The initial version carried kh-55 air-to-surface missiles located on a catapultin in the bomb bay. This was the first new production of a strike version of the BEAR airframe since the 1960s, thereby reversing a decline in use of Bear aircraft through the 1970s. By 1988 BEAR H bombers were regularly seen training in simulating attacks against North America. Length: 162 ft 5 in; Wingspan: 167 ft 8 in; Height: 39 ft 9 in; Speed: 575 mph; Ceiling: 39,370 ft; Range: 7,800 miles; 
    Item No    03904
    Item Name    TU-95MS“Bear-H”
    Bar Code    n/a
    Scale    1:144
    Item Type    Static Kit
    Model Brief    Length: 340.3 mm Wingspan: 347.6mm
    Total Parts    122pcs
    Total Sprues    6pcs
    Paint Schemes    USSR AIRFORCE
    Released Date    n/a
    More Features    Optional position flaps