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    Russia KV-1 model 1942 Lightweight Cast Tank 00360

    The proportional model:1:35
    Browse the number:5268

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    Product introduction:
          The superior armor protection of the heavy cast turret on the KV-1 model 1942 tank has its cost! The weight of the tank now reaches 47 tones and this weight are consider heavy even for a modern tank standard! The KV series utilize the same engine without major changes and the more and more added heavy weight drops the maximum speed from 35 Kilometers/hours to 28 kilometers/hour. Off road performances are even worst and hard to operate. To solve the problem, a lightweight cast turret was born. One feature helps to identify turret of this type –-A large cast ring around rear machine gun mount. 
    Item No    00360
    Item Name    Russia KV-1 model 1942 Lightweight Cast Tank
    Bar Code     n/a
    Scale    1:35
    Item Type    Static Armor
    Model Brief     Length: 199.4mm Width:94.8 mm Height:79.8mm
    Total Parts     231pcs
    Metal Parts     Pin, Brass wire
    Photo Etched Parts     n/a
    Film Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     n/a
    Paint Schemes     USSR Army
    Released Date     n/a
    More Features     n/a