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    Mikoyan MiG-17PF"Fresco"[F-5A] 02206

    The proportional model:1:32
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    Product introduction:
          《F-5A all times fighter》 is produced based on the F-5 fighter for the nighttime in 1965 and added a shooting radar, used for the night time air battle. The maximum speed is 1115KM/hour , the actual fighting height is 16050m, the total length of the plane is 11.68m, the wing span is 9.6m and eguiped with a WP-5 type jet engine, The weapon device have three 23mm cannon, Single seat, Wang Wenli of the P.L.A air Force had ever shot down one P2V air scout of K.M.T in 1963. 
    Item No    02206
    Item Name    Mikoyan MiG-17PF"Fresco"[F-5A] 
    Bar Code    n/a
    Scale    1:32
    Item Type    Static Aircraft
    Model Brief    n/a
    Total Parts    n/a
    Metal Parts    n/a
    Photo Etched Parts    n/a
    Film Parts    n/a
    Resin Parts    n/a
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