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    F8F-1B Bearcat 02284

    The proportional model:1:32
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    Product introduction:
           The F8F “Bearcat” was the speediest prop-driven fighter that Grumman ever produced, but it arrived too late to see combat in WWII. It was intended as an interceptor fighter, operating from carriers. In modern vernacular, it might have been called the "Hellcat Lite"; The F8F featured all-metal construction, a cantilever low-wing monoplane design, folding wings for carrier operations, self-sealing fuel tanks, four .50 caliber machine guns and power by Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engine. The US Navy order two prototypes, XF8F-1. in November, 1943. First flown nine months later, the Bearcat prototype outperformed its heavier predecessor, notably with a thirty percent better climb rate. Grumman then delivered the first production model February, 1945, only six months after first flight! The Navy's order totaled 2,033 airplanes, and Grumman contracted with General Motors to build the Bearcat under license, But only a few Bearcats had been delivered to the Navy when the end of the war halted production. Grumman has been build a total of 1,266 Bearcats of all type. Of which 765 F8F-1's 100 F8F-1B'. At least 24 US Navy squadrons flew the Bearcat, some until as late as 1952, after which some were sold to the French Air force for combat operations in Vietnam. Another 129 Bearcats were sold to the Thai Air Force.
    Item No    02284
    Item Name    F8F-1B Bearcat
    Bar Code    9580208022840
    Scale    1:32
    Item Type    Static Armor
    Model Brief    Length: 230mm   Width: 91.3mm
    Total Parts    366pcs
    Metal Parts    n/a
    Photo Etched Parts    one sheet
    Film Parts    instrument panel
    Resin Parts    n/a
    Total Sprues    13 sprues, 2 rubber tires, clear cowling
    Released Date    2009-03
    More Features "Summary
    This kit is basically the same as the kit-TR2247 F8F-1 Bearcat  with 4 new tooled moulds, include  interchangeable elements fuselage sprue, clear canopy sprue, engine pipe sprue, tail rudder sprue.
    - Interchangeable Elements fuselage w/authentic details
    - Ω(omega) shape canopy is 2-directional slide-moulded
    - Offer clear cowling to assembly to show the full interior engine 
    - Machine guncompartment tooled with fine detail and the access door can assembly open or closed
    - Realistically detailed M2 machine gun barrels are slide moulded with hollow ends
    - .50 caliber ammunition belts 
    - Optional position flaps
    - External drop tanks, rockets
    - Folded wings are available
    -Highly detailed  R-2800-34R 18-cylinder radial engine 
    - Finely detailed engine accessory compartment,
    - Engine mount  rendered in fine detail
    - The cockpit is reproduced with unbelievable detail! The instrument panel with gauges printed on film, center console, and crew    seats with photo-etched seatbelts and harnesses.
    - Grooved rubber tires
    Photo-Etched parts
    -The instrument panel made from photo-film can use photo-etched parts instead
    - (65X70mm) brass fret with safety harness parts