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    MIG-29C Fulcrum (Izdeliye 9.13) 01675

    The proportional model:1:72
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    Product introduction:

        Since the Mig-29A were in service,the limited fuel capacity was the biggest problem of this light tactical fighter.To meeting the specified range requirements,the designers of Mikoyan developed a project to enlarge the fuselage tank.But the special dorsal auxiliary air intakes cause that only the tank in the spine could be readily enlarged;its capacity was increased by 240 litres.The enlarged fuselage tank made the upper fuselage contour became convex instead of concave.Besides,the application of new pylons allows another two drop tanks be fitted under the wings.Fitting three drop tanks gave the fighter a ferry range of 3000km.

        A series of new electronic countermeasures equipments were also be fitted on the aircraft,and ordnance load increased to 3200 kg.

        The prototype of the Mig-29C(Izdeliye 9.13) took off for the first time on 4th May 1984.More than 400 'fatbacks' were built.233 of them remained in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union;155 were retained by the Ukraine.

    Item No     01675
    Item Name     MIG-29C Fulcrum (Izdeliye 9.13)
    Bar Code     9580208016757
    Scale     1:72
    Item Type     Plastic Model Aircraft Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 237.8mm   Wingspan:159 mm   
    Total Parts     140+
    Metal Parts     n/a
    Photo Etched Parts     n/a
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     8 sprues , upper fuselage and lower fuselage
    Released Date     2016-02
    More Features     The kit consists of  over 140 parts , includes 6 clear parts
    - fuselage&wing with finely engraved panel lines