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    Ilyushin IL-76 Transport 03901

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    Product introduction:

          The llyushin-76 Transport (NATO code name as Candid), was designed and developed by the former llyushin Aero Design Bereau in the 1960s. It is a middle range military cum civilian heavy transport with four turbojet engines. Its maiden test flight was conducted in March 1971 and it was enlisted into the former Soviet Air Force service in 1975. Since then, the llyushin-76 has been the main stay of air transport capability for the former Soviet Union as well as the present Russian Air Force. The llyushin-76 is well-known for its long range non-stop flight, heavy loading and fast speed capabilities. Also, the llyushin-76 can hold 140 fully armed soldiers of 125fully armed air force attack soldiers. With the consideration for quick take-off at cold areas and on incompleted runways, the fuselage was reinforced and the rear doors can open during flight to drop cargoes. Additionally, two mackine guns are also installed at the rear fuselage. As a civilian aircraft from 1975 to 1994, over 800 llyushin-76s were produced and even up to now there are about 50 llyushin-76 transport aircrafts being produced every year. The llyushin-76 transport aircraft are exported to a number of countries including India, Czech, Poland, Iraq, Libya, Afganistan, Cuba and China. Finally, the llyushin-76 transport also participated in the former Soviet-Ethiopian and Soviet-Afganistan wars.