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    PLAN Type 22 Missile Boat 00108

    The proportional model:1:144
    Browse the number:12009

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    Product introduction:

       Type 22 missile boat is a new generation Chinese navy missile boats used to replace the old 21-type missile boats, NATO codename: red barnyard class. Type 22 missile boat is the world's first high-speed wave-piercing missile boats boats designed. Catamaran boat, Type 22 missile boat gives better stability, conducive to advancing storm at sea. It has high speed, stealth, firepower and other advantages.

       Type 22 missile boats armed except the bow of a fast gun AK630, aft bomb bay and two anti-ship missiles, equipped with a YJ-83.

    Item No     00108
    Item Name     PLAN Type 22 Missile Boat
    Bar Code     9580208001081
    Scale     1:144
    Item Type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 295.7mm   Width: 84.7mm
    Total Parts     290+
    Metal Parts     n/a
    Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     8 sprues , upper hull and lower hull
    Released Date     2016-07
    More Features     The kit consists of over 290 parts
    - clear parts for windows
    - Photo etched parts included
    - Contains engraved name plate