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    PLA Navy Type 051C Air-Defense DDG 03619

    The proportional model:1:200
    Browse the number:17697

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    Product introduction:
    Length overall: 154 m
    Beam: 17 m
    Displacement: 7000t
    The overall design of 115 Shenyang/116 Shijiazhuang Guide Missile Destroyer looks like an enlarged Project 051B DDG. It features the RIF-M vertically launched SAM system ordered from Russia. A total of 48 missiles are housed in 6 revolver launchers. The missile has a range of 120km. Its fire control radar is Top Plate phased array radar which can direct 12 missiles to engage 6 targets simultaneously. In addition to the RIF-M SAM system, A total of 8 YJ-83 launchers are installed, two Type 730 CIWS are installed at midship. 
    Item No    03619
    Item Name    PLA Navy Type 051C Air-Defense DDG
    Bar Code    9580208036199
    Scale    1:200
    Item Type    Static Warship
    Model Brief    Length: 777.5mm   Beam:85.5mm
    Total Parts    600+
    Metal Parts    anchor chain
    Photo Etched Parts    3 pcs
    Film Parts    n/a
    Resin Parts    n/a
    Total Sprues    14 sprues , hull and decks
    Released Date    2014-04
    More Features " -  hull made from two-directional slide molds
    - The Deck is split into two pieces 
    -  one KA-27 included  w/ fine details.
    -    photo etched frets for handrais,ladders , radar parts etc."