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    E-100 Heavy Tank – Krupp Turret 09543

    The proportional model:1:35
    Browse the number:7913

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    Product introduction:

       Development of E-100 super heavy tank started around June 1943. By 1944 when Hitler ordered all super tank development work to be halted, the Adler company had partially built a prototype but it was never finished. The remains fell into Allied hands in April 1945 and were later transferred to the British Army, eventually being dismantled for scrap.

    Item No     09543
    Item Name     E-100 Heavy Tank – Krupp Turret
    Bar Code     9580208095431
    Scale     1:35
    Item Type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 311.8mm   Width: 127.7mm   
    Total Parts     250+
    Metal Parts     n/a
    Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     6 sprues , upper hull , lower hull , turret and tracks
    Released Date     2018-05
    More Features     The kit consists of over 250 parts
    >the kit w/refined detail
    >multi-slide moulded lower hull ,upper hull and turret
    >rubber tracks
    >photo etched parts included