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    USS John F. Kennedy CV-67 06716

    The proportional model:1:700
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    Product introduction:

       CV-67 USS John F. Kennedy was named for the 35th President of theUnited States. She was number 4 in the Kitty Hawk Class of Aircraft Carriers. She was also the last of the conventionally powered Aircraft Carrier although she was originally intended to be Nuclear Powered. CV-67 differed from other    “Kitty Hawk” class carriers with a modified outward inclined funnels and being 17 feet shorter.

       CV-67 USS JFK Kennedy was commissioned in Sept 7th, 1968 and was stationed in theMediterranean Sea.  She was also involved in an unfortunate incidents  where she collided with USS Belknap in 1975 and USS Bordelon in 1976.

       The “Big John”  saw combat during the Lebanon crisis in 1983 and her F-14 engaged and successfully shot down 2 Libyan mig-23 that show threat  and aggression. Saw combat again in 1991 during “Operation Desert Storm” with 114 airstrikes and 2,900 sorties against Iraq.

       After serving the country for over, 30 years, USS John F, Kennedy decommissioned in Mayport, Flordia. She arrived naval Inactive Ship Maintenance Facility and remain in the U.S. Navy Reserve Fleet.

    Item No     06716
    Item Name     USS John F. Kennedy CV-67
    Bar Code     9580208067162
    Scale     1:700
    Item Type     Plastic Model Warship Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 467.6mm   Beam: 122.8mm 
    Total Parts     610+
    Metal Parts     n/a
    Photo Etched Parts     1 piece
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     34 sprues , hull and decks
    Released Date     2019-09
    More Features     - Detailed Hull is a one piece part
    - Detailed flight deck and hangar deck
    -Extensive photo-etched details included
    -Aircraft Wing includes:
       E2C, EA-6B,HH-60H, S-3B,F/A-18C, F-14D
    -Complete ship and aircraft decal sets