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    Soviet 52-K 85mm Air Defense Gun M1939 Early Version 02341

    The proportional model:1:35
    Browse the number:3890

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    Product introduction:
         The 85 mm air defense gun M1939 (52-K) was an 85-mm Soviet air defense gun. This gun was successfully used throughout the German-Soviet War against level bombers and other high- and medium-altitude targets. In emergencies they were utilized as powerful anti-tank weapons. The barrel of 52-K was the base for the family of 85-mm Soviet tank guns. Crews of 85-mm AD guns shot down 4,047 Axis aircraft. 
          Virtually every country behind the Iron Curtain received this gun after World War II for their air defense. In the Soviet Union itself, these guns were largely superseded by the 100 and 130 mm guns.
    Item No    02341
    Item Name    Soviet 52-K 85mm Air Defense Gun M1939 Early Version
    Bar Code    9580208023410
    Scale    1:35
    Item Type    Static Kit
    Model Brief    Length: 203mm   Width:140 mm
    Total Parts    250+
    Metal Parts    n/a
    Photo Etched Parts    1 piece
    Film Parts    n/a
    Resin Parts    n/a
    Total Sprues    16 sprues , frame and tires
    Released Date    2013-11
    More Features "    The kit consists of  over 250 parts ,includes a piece of Photo Etched parts 
    - Details finely represented by newly tooled parts
    - Rubber tires"