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    DKM O Class Battlecruiser Barbarossa 05370

    The proportional model:1:350
    Browse the number:9123

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    Product introduction:

       O-class battle cruiser is the World War II Germany "Z plan" contains to replace the Deutschland class battle cruiser. The main gun is the same with the Bismarck 380mm double turret 3. O-class power system is quite characteristic, the use of three-axis propulsion, the steam turbine is responsible for driving the two sides of the two axes, the central axis by the MAN diesel engine to meet the requirements of life and speed, speed up to 33.5. The ship was designed to be used as the Atlantic high-speed broken ship, its plan in 1939 in Kiel and Wilhelm's three shipyards at the same time started, but the construction plan was canceled by the end of the year.

    Item No     05370
    Item Name     DKM O Class Battlecruiser Barbarossa
    Bar Code     9580208053707
    Scale     1:350
    Item Type     Plastic Model Warship Kit
    Model Brief     Length: 731.3mm   Beam: 86mm  
    Total Parts     920+
    Metal Parts     anchor chain 
    Photo Etched Parts     4 pcs
    Film Parts     n/a
    Resin Parts     n/a
    Total Sprues     19 sprues , hull , deck and stand
    Released Date     2022-08
    More Features     the kit contains over 920 parts
    -  the hull made from two-directional slide molds
    -  Deck wood pattern finely rendered
    -  Contains display stand
    - photo etched parts included
    - 2 Ar196 included