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    HMS Exeter 06744

    The proportional model:1:700
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    Product introduction:

       Heavy cruiser Exeter is the British Royal Navy during World War II York class heavy cruiser ship in the 2nd, is the "Exeter" named after the first four warships. The ship had been hit hard in the 1939 Battle of the River Plate and the German Navy Admiral Graf Spey battleship battle, so accept the modification. After the conversion is completed the ship was sent to the east of India, in 1942, the Battle of Surabaya was sunk by the Japanese navy.

    产品编号     06744
    产品名称     HMS Exeter
    条码     9580208067445
    产品比例     1:700
    产品类型     Plastic Model Warship Kit
    模型尺寸     Length: 250.4mm   Beam: 25mm
    零件总数     190+
    金属部件     n/a
    蚀刻部件     1 piece
    菲林胶片     n/a
    树脂部件     n/a
    胶版总数     7 sprues , deck and hull
    公布日期     2022-10
    更多描述     - hull made from multi-directional slide moulds.
    -Deck wood pattern finely rendered
    -Contains engraved name plate
    -Photo-Etched parts included