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    Israel Merkava Mk.lll 07103

    The proportional model:1:72
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    Product introduction:
            The Merkava  is a main battle tank used by the Israel Defense Forces. The tank began development in 1973 and entered active service in 1978. Four main versions of the tank have been deployed. It was first used extensively in the 1982 Lebanon War. The "Merkava" name was derived from the IDF's initial development program name.
    Item No    07103
    Item Name    Israel Merkava Mk.lll
    Bar Code    9580208071039
    Scale    1:72
    Item Type    Static Kit
    Model Brief    Length: 126.2mm   Width:54.8 mm
    Total Parts    70+
    Metal Parts    n/a
    Photo Etched Parts    n/a
    Film Parts    n/a
    Resin Parts    n/a
    Total Sprues    3 sprues , tracks , upper hull , lower hull and turret
    Released Date    2012-07
    More Features "The kit consists of over 70 parts
    -tracks combine wheels with fine details"