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    Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSyms 80 00221

    The proportional model:1:35
    Browse the number:8569

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    Product introduction:
            During WWII, the SSMYS 80ton vast railroads in Europe and Russia were used to carry military items closer to the front. In the case of tanks, this got them closer to the battlefield faster than if they had been driven there under their own power. It also left the tank crews fresher for battle. The SSYMS 80 TON This particular kit was used for carrying the Germany Panther and Tiger heavy tank.
    Item No 00221
    Item Name Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSyms 80
    Bar Code 9580208002217
    Scale 1:35
    Item Type Static Kit
    Model Brief Length: 527.23mm   Width:89.6 mm
    Total Parts 311pcs
    Metal Parts Brass wire
    Photo Etched Parts 1piece
    Film Parts n/a
    Resin Parts n/a
    Total Sprues 11 Sprues and roadbeds
    Released Date 2010-11
    More Features n/a